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Crafting new futures: attracting Gen Z through diversity, equity and inclusion programs and policies

Generation Z is the most diverse in history. And it’s also here to redefine workplace history.

They are the digital savvy, the cultural architects, bringing with them a mix of passion and principles that could be refreshing to any company talent acquisition department or policy. DEI efforts need to be as dynamic and inclusive as they are.

How can organisations foster DEI and cater to recruiting GenZ talent? By practicing principles inspired from research on GenZ mentality and work preferences and values. 

🌍 A diverse company is an innovative company 

GenZ looks at companies not only on business terms, but also in terms of their diverse workforce, a non-negotiable. In fact, 83% of GenZ-ers weigh a company’s DEI commitment when job hunting. 

🔗 Retention over recruitment

Digital nomadism and remote workers have redefined workplaces everywhere. Today, retention has become key. Gen Z’s confidence to explore, to change, to demand more from their workplaces means organizations need to be more than just employers; they need to be allies, mentors, and champions of their values.

💡 Exploring DEI in depth, go beyond the superficial 

DEI isn't one-size-fits-all. It's a mix of values, interests, needs, aspirations, and perspectives. Diverse workspaces and cultures can also mean places where asking for one's preferred pronouns is as natural as asking for a coffee preference. 

🚀 Developing custom DEI blueprints

DEI needs to be put at the center of a sustainable acquisition and people management culture. Here, communication and engagement with GenZ is key. Engage in a two-way conversation. Understand their world and let them understand yours. Implement tangible, impactful DEI practices. Show Gen Z as a company that you are actually walking your talk of diversity and inclusion.



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